What is a One on One mentoring?

An one on one mentoring session is only you and me. It has no fixed teaching content. You can decide what you want to learn from me. Anything goes as long as its photography related. You can ask me any other thing too of corse but i can not guarantee a meaningful, rational answer outside the field of photography.

Why should you have a One on One mentoring instead of an ordinary workshop or course?

An One on One mentoring session is just for you. No other people will be there to hold you back in case you are a fast learner or have silly questions. Nobody is bored because you have to ask a second or third time if you don’t get something right the first time you try. Some topics in photography are hard, some not. We can go your own pace. You can ask any question in a secure place without other people making you uncomfortable to ask.

But maybe the biggest advantage is that you can decide what you want to learn. If you are a beginner and wish to stuck to the basics, there we go. If you are an advanced photographer we can skip all the basics and go right to the heart of it. You decide!

Why should you have your mentoring session with me?

Well, thats an easy one. First of all you should always learn from the best. Does that mean i think i am the best photographer in the world? No, of corse not. There are plenty other very gifted and talented people out there. No one honestly could say this photographer or the other is the best. It depends too much on taste and the style you prefer. But that said, you should choose a photographer you like the style of and wish you could one day do the same things. I am sure at this point you found out you like what i do because otherwise you would have left the page ages ago. Now my love for teaching and my willingness to share my knowledge comes to play. You will see i can talk hours and hours about talking pictures and photography techniques. And last but not least i have a never ending patience and on every One on One session there is this one moment when you will appreciate this feature the most!

Oh and have i mentioned experience? If you want to teach others having loads of experience comes in handy. I am sure you know already that i am a professional photographer for over a decade, shot more than 300 weddings (more close to 400 now), countless newborns, babys, familys, portraits, food, products and what have you. I managed to win over 60 international photography awards in these fields. I rest my case here 🙂

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else. Albert Einstein